Monday, December 14, 2020

Anxiety Oh Anxiety

 Doesnt anxiety sucks?!! I had so much anxiety the other night. I was just starting to cry my eyes out. I started to think about my brother. Gosh I miss him. Wish I could just see him only for 5 minutes.  Starting to tear up even now... Okay I better stop thinking about him. Well anyways. Life can be so overwhelming at most times. Feeling alone. Like noone cares. Have to have so much pressure on you. Stressing over things. Even little things. Especially this year, COVID showed up to make it even more difficult for us who already feel like the roof is falling ontop of us. But Lets hope next year is not as bad. And that the vaccine might give us some hope? Im not sure wether to take it or not? What about the side effects of it? I dont know I will see what happens., 🤔

I really miss my guy too. SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! 😩🥺😟I dont know when it was I got a letter I dont keep track anymore...I would say couple of weeks?? I hope he is doing okay. Maybe I will hear from him this week. ❤️

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