Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Day before Christmas Eve


Well Christmas is almost here. 🎄TOMORROW!  I was supposed to work tomorrow BUT he felt more comfy having someone who knew how to shower him and so. So Im off BABY tomorrow... WOOHOOO!!!!😊😁 But it seems like I will be working on new years eve day on January 1st.😒

 . Then Christmas Day aswell. Today I got my first big payment from working! wow I mean I never had that mucg money since forever it seems. I would say for the last 5 years its been very frugal in my household. This will be my normal since I got a full time job now!!!! Wich seems very strange to say.  😦

Im gonna buy a computor I was thinking of having this (laptop ) as my job computor. YAY !!! Its annoying to put it back n fort to my bag whenever i wanna use it.  I still havent heard from my guy. ugh I dont really think I will hear from him before Christmas....That sucks.....😩☹️I hope everything is okay, That I havent made him upset or something... Millions of things go through my head...  But GOSH I miss him so much. Will we ever celebrate Christmas together???? 🤔💖

Just today seems a bit sucky I would have rather been staying home , tucked in bed

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