Sunday, March 21, 2021

My story from Friday Dont touch me!!


So about the incident....

I got to go 10 minutes early from work to go out and throw the trash. I do that. then I walk the 4 minute down to the road to take the bus home. Ofcourse I saw the family friends wife coming towards me. Its her night shift. She says Hi , she was talking on the phone too. She wondered why I was going 5 minutes early from work. I told her, She was on the phone with the family friend, I was about to go and she grabbed my arm!! 😲it wasnt gentle. She like oh Shes got to go 5 min early, to her wife, maybe jokily or not.. She was like here talk to her. Handed me the phone...I had to talk to her ugh,  🙄

The point is , its covid time you dont grab someone like that , and she wasnt even wearing a mask, neither did I , So fuckin rude, I HATE, when someone I dont know too well touches me... for real....😤  if that happens again I will tell her, I guess I didnt because I wasnt prepared and I just froze up. Takes me back when I was bullied in school. I just become silent like a mouse... shes a strong character and the family friend... (when I say family friend I mean she grew up with my older siblings and me, her mom knows my mom, they dont have any contact nor does my The family friend has a very cocky way and her attitude isnt that good, she think she knows too much. That is also very irritating...

 Her wife is not as bad but I dont like her either....  Plus she didn't even attend my brothers memorial service. Because she had to "work" 😒 if we are so important then you go...  She could sleep later. Attend it then go home..  Not cool. ☝️👎

what was the odds that those two morons ended up at the same work as mee.... WHYY??????  😩😩😩😫

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