Friday, March 26, 2021

Worst Pmdd outburst i had

 So i suffer from Pmdd wich stands for Premenstrual dysphoric disorder it's basically worse than pms....

Here is an example of what the symptoms can be

I had to rush to work because he hadn't checked his phone properly. He said she hadn't arrived. It gone an hour. He said he received a text but couldn't read it... 🙄
So I had to rush there at 8 pm on my day off. Apparently she had already txt in sick 7.30 in the morning. He had missed it... 
Then she sent it again. He had called in another person to fill in. While I was there... I had to do work I just thought I was going to help him open the door.
I told him I wanted to fill in incase her wife was sick too. The night shift the other day. So someone could take my day shift. I waited and waited that day.. Nothing. I assumed she wasnt sick. I got there in the morning.. 

 SUPRISE!! She was sick he called in same guy again. Omg!!!!!😡😡  I was so pissed. I think more than I ever been. I don't think he cares about my requests... Fuckin meatball.. He is so fake too. I don't trust him a bit. That shift I was so over with it.. I consider changing work. Not only cus of him but the queen and her wife too. The family friend... Idk how I can coentinue. I also got so fuckin mad over another thing he said that morning... That he is not in the riskzone . So we have been locked inside cus you just feel like it? Like excuse me?? 🤬🤬He doesn't know how the time goes so slow when you don't know what to do on your computer anymore. Move after movie and sitting down for 12 hours is freakin too much.  He could at least ask to go outside... I really thought he was in the riskzonen. 

Now they are sick. The queen and her wife they have tested themselves if they have covid or not. They both have fever. If it's positive that's not good. He saw her on Monday the wife. I heard she even hugged him? 🤨 I thought they didn't like him
.. I'm so fuckin confused. Too much drama. I want out... ✌️

That day really pushed my mental health. For real... I'm still mourning my brother and im trying to get by every single day. My mom being a little bitch almost every day. Pickin on me... I don't know if I can survive... I'm on the edge. I'm tired mentally. So tired.. 😭😭

Just let's say I'm just done with this week🙄😔👋🤬✌️

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