Friday, July 30, 2021

Another No Mail Day


Well after sleeping with the new medicine, I sleept so good. It works!!😴😊  so far, I didnt have my panic attacks!  I have felt groggy all day though. I kinda had the assumption that I wouldnt get a letter either. 😑🙄😒I dont know If I will be as invested as I was. Maybe Im just wasting my time thinking too much about it? 😏(cough, cough) Obviously I am!!! Time I wont get back. You cannot go back in time? (for now) I wasnt as disappointed as I have been this week. Plus if you count only business days its only 35 of them. If you count weekends. its more. Maildays are Bussined days. I did re-read some old blog posts from last year. Seems it has happened before??? I didnt know that. Sadly I never wrote when I got the letter. It must have shown up?? Patience...Patience... I tell myself.🙏🙏 Now its the weekends : What will I do? I have no idea!!! 

I admit I have am addicted to this new game. Spent some time on it. Its fun!!! Called Pet Master , An app game, I just need to Trust in God and Be patient as fuck.  , Pray , pray pray. Try to live life than live to wait for a stupid dumb letter wich I cannot control when it arrives no matter how much I try to figure it out!!!!!! Ahh well there I yelled it out. Loud enough. Its really stupid isnt it??  He said he would never stop writing so. Hmm? 👀🤷‍♀️🙈🙊

If you havent notice I LOVE quotes!!!!🥰🥰


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