Sunday, August 1, 2021

Hello August

Wow, 1st of August. July is officially over... Im not doing much. Just taking it easy. Chillin. I finally took those photos and then they are sent off for development. It said it would take til 10 August for it to arrive?? Really that long?? I hope it comes before that. I do hope he likes the photos. I dont know If I think they are any good.... Im working on myself , my body so. At the end of 2021 I will be down to 65 kg!!! I already lost 4 kg!!! I am down to 174 
Im gonna (try) to do aerobics today. I Do feel a bit lazy , non motivated. We will see. 
Im REALLY happy My brain has stopped to overanalyze and over think. Its such a relief. AMEN!!!
Im not gonna obsess over the mail nomore. If he wants to write he will do it!! if he loves me, He loves me.....

Im also reading about fear of abandnoment in relationship. I deff got that. 

Some Motivation Weightloss Quotes


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