Friday, July 9, 2021

Fuck , I screwed it up today so badly

I said yes o´to 2 shifts this weekends, then after I so regreted it... I freaked out!!! SO FREAKED OUT!!!! i told the most ridicilous lie ever.  I wont even write what it was but , I think i hit rock bottom of lying.  I hope I never have to go that far. I need to be for firm and say no I cant or no I dont want to... ALways have been my big flaw....I suck!!! My mom got pissed at me for making it so complicated with it, She is still pissed... Life is not fuckin easy. I hated that girl and I decided why go there and feel the way I feel , I will tell them I moved to something else. Its better for them chasing me when I dont want to. Just to be nice. Sure I will be a little less money but I know I will get something ?? if not I dont care anymore... Im tired of this so called Life and chasing a job... 

I hope tomorrow is a better day.... Just had enough of this day ...YUP!!

AMEN !!!!

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