Saturday, July 10, 2021

24 hour fasting

So I havent eaten since 11 pm last night (Friday) SO maybe its even longer than 24 hours now that I think about it....WOW.😏😋 Anyways theres alot of health benefits to fast. Lower risk of Alzheimer , cancer and cells building up themselves... PLUS body starts to use fat stores as energy!! Wich is very awesome if you want to lose weight. Plus Negative 2000 cals!!! WOHO on that. 
So far im doing okay. I am hungry but I been drinking diet soda, bubbly water and right now im drinking Tea. I was thinking of doing this every week , maybe even 48 hour fast or twice a week !!!
I will buy some maple pecan buns tomorrow sooo craving it....

Im doing so much better than yesterday. I did have some nightmares about my siblings. I hope I will have better dreams tonight. Im getting tired actually. I am watching Cast Away 
Dang its a good movie...👀

Click for bigger picture!

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