Saturday, August 21, 2021

Feeling so blah today


Once again I forget to post something I started...Must be my anxiety pills...They do kinda maked me a bit slow and forgetful??? I tried to schedule another visit. But I waited yesterday , It wasnt even scheduled....Nothing was there. 🤔😒I waited all day for it...Hmmm??? Odds against me 1 million it seems.

He is doing fine thats all I know. I sent out many things. I wont send out any more letters. I feel like a stalker. Like im bothering him, so I will ket him be. He is surely making something important over there. He hasnt had time for me or his grandma either (calling her) Makes a kinda irritated.😡😠 I will ignore him now..YEPP see how that feels... Waiting here like damn fool for letters and trying to set up visitations and NOTHING freakin goes right!!!!!!!!!!!! 😤😫 Im waiting for my period so My pmdd is acting out,,, Im mad at him and I dont want to talk to him....💀🤬🤬🤬🤬


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