Saturday, August 21, 2021

Missed the video visit!!! should had post it the 17th

I cant believe it, I was looking forward to it, AND I wasnt sure they would go with it. Their system had crashed Monday and They werent sure if they would be able to make it work til my schedule time...

I woke up 5 minutres before 4 pm and I checked my email nothing. Then all of sudden 4:11 pm I got the email with the video link!! I hurried to log in but it seems he had already left. I waited a long time. Thinking maybe they changed the time? I called. He had waited on me...I missed him by 10-15 minutes just because that STUPID email got to me late... Im still angry about it. 

Thankfully I could rechedule , Its tomorrow. 2 pm texas time. 9 pm my time...I reeaallly hope the email will arrive in time. I told him on jpay that wait for me. Even if he has to wait 10-15 minutes it can happen again?? I hope not... I wonder if the late email had something to do with their video system crashing??

Im not sure...   I was so bummed out And I have no idea what he thought? I hope he is not mad at me or thinking I forgot or just didnt care to show up?? 

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