Monday, August 9, 2021

Maybe this week?

I was supposed to post this on Friday..Thought I did, lol I got my second covid 19 vaccine shot on Saturday and the side effects were as the first one, tummy cramps, naeusu  , body aching😖😣...But today its alot better!! 👌😊 Its Another week, Monday. Today I just need to go to the store , buy some catfood , cat treats, maybe buy something for me. I really pray this week is a good week.🙏🙏

I also called the prison he is at, apparently they are doing video visits. Interesting for sure. WHat if he is mad at me and I schedule one , it just go all wrong???😱😱 *gulp* I will wait a few days til I call. I kinda get so darn nervous to call there, I know I can speak descent english but Im still nervous if Im able to get out what I want to say. I will do it anyways, I really wanna have a video visit if its possible???😋😁😍🤗

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