Friday, August 13, 2021

Friday the 13th


A little update. I called the unit on Saturday. They sure do video visitaions... She said  Monday to Friday you call in soo I decided on Monday to call the unit he is at to schedule a video visitation. I did that..suprised it worked fine. I scheduled on Tuesday next week. 9 am it will be around 4 pm my time!!!! 😱😬

1 hour video visitation🤤🤤

 Wow it will be interesting for sure. Nr 1: I havent talked to him since our visit nov 2019. Nr2: I never done a video visitation before? I asked him to give me an answer I had no idea how he was doing since no letters has arrived yet? (yepp nothing yet) I got answer from his grandma , he said it was ok date, he is fine, plus he said sorry mail has been slower and he said things have changed. he has been busy??? Well guess thats a good thing he has been busy but dont forget about me?? Im just over analysing all of that. Like what has kept him busy , a new prison job? he is a certified minister now?🤔🤐🤨 Who knows. I might ask him. Im just scared he will stop caring about me. I hope not....I hope he is happy he will be talking to me...Only 4 days left🥰🤪🙃😱

Atleast he is doing fine. and not sick or anything. or mad at me?? Im so nervous about it. Even though I will be doing it from my home. IM STILL NERVOUS!!! I will actually talk to him, SEE him. I wonder what he looks like now?? 

The video visitation , you can schedule one 1 per month! no cost. at all. Its perfect for me since im so far away. It cant bet the real contact visitation though...

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