Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Need to chill , Need to focus, need to pray


Nothing yet , no letter , Im just GAAHH! I even happen to stand outside when the mailman was there delivering. What a torture..That was LOL!!! Maybe this is a lesson of some sort?? Patience maybe? To have patience. I was at the plant store, One green plant and one rose bush, it was on sale. Not bad. 

I just hope he is doing okay, and that he is not angry or upset with me. I just really hate when people are uspet with me. I hope I havent said anything stupid?? I cant really remember saying anything weird or stupid? I cant stop dweilling on it. Well there is 3 more days of this week so, We will see, wont me??? 

I havent heard from any jobs, or the egg donation company either... AHHHHH LORD! I hope it will sort out. Oh yeah I forgot I met the annoying friend on the bus... She tried to call me right after... Im not gonna talk to you. I dont want to....

I just realising also how pathetic my life is? Or is it? Maybe others life arent as wow as I think it is? Maybe life is how we want it to be? We create it ourselves??  I hope God is hearing me, atleast a little!!!!

What do you think? You think I will get a letter this week? 


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