Monday, August 2, 2021

New week of August


Monday = No letter today, I actually never got a letter on a Monday, Probably because they are sorting them out from Friday?? Could be. I just googled , There seem to be delayes in Usps in The states, They are on their knees? Maybe another reason. They are short staffed.... Who knows whats going on. Our mail service over here in Sweden is also pretty unreliable. I havent myself seen it too much. But Most of the people hate them. They are doing a horrible job.. 

I hope this week will be a good day, some blessings , i dont know what to do if theres a another no good week. 

I just sitting here listening to Aerosmith- Don't wanna miss a thing , just thinking about things, Our future , are we really meant to be? Will it even last if he ever comes out??  Does he "really love me" or is it just prisontalk.... Who knows. But its just something thats on my mind right now. But I had ups and down and I had 13 amazing years with him so far...

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