Thursday, September 9, 2021

Egg Donation Completed On Monday


YeppNow I dont have to take those hormone shots or anything. Wich feels good. Im still swollen and my boobs are hurting... I already got the payment to my account. They were so nice. 11 eggs were taken out. Not bad.

I weight alot more than I did? I hope its just fluid. I have to get back on the weight loss journey again. My mom just told me I snore LOUD! Really loud. Thats not good. Im not sure if its because of my weight or because of my allergies. But Its good for the health to be normal weight. Im gonna getback on it. I never gave up just havent been motivated to it... Im gonna try with 800 cals to 1000 cals a day. Thats what Im gonna try to start with.

Today I have dentist appointment. I was gonna have it on Monday but they callled and they asked if I could come today...Eh I guess its okay. I would rather have it on Monday. 

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