Thursday, September 2, 2021

I had the video visit On Tuesday


It wasnt as I thought it would be though...He was wearing a mask all the time...And glassed. Was really hard to know if he was smiling or not. 🤔😕The screen was kinda blurry...UGH. I think I made a fool outta myself. 😳😔Or so I thought I did??? Maybe Im just self councious , Now the tdcj has moved the visitation to a website. BUT they want you to put in your address....There are no other countries to choose from except for Usa, Canada or Mexico??? How am I supposed to set up another visit now??? Just irritating!!!!!!! 🙄😠🤬
Maybe Im just overreacting over the visit. But Cant deny it. He said he had sent me 2 letters...Yeah?? Well where are they??? 😒🤨🤔

I cant stop over analyzing the video chat...Stupid hormones aswell my Pmdd is bad right now. Feeling so low, depressed, sad, suicidal..Dont wanna talk to anyone...I feel so alone. 😭😭😭😭

...I have an appointment tomorrow again. Maybe Monday will be the day I will get the eggs removed..👀😤😤

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