Thursday, September 30, 2021

Got a short letter today!!!!

I first noticed how thick it was. It was the photos I sent , He wasnt alloweed to keep them only 4 of them the rest got that send out to me... 
He said he have been stressed, aggravated and dealing with crap??? Not sure what he has been dealing with, That sucks for sure.  Wish I could be there to deal that with him , I sent a Jpay yesterday. I hope that makes him happy. Its not easy being in there I bet. And being in there for 13 years... Phew....
He asked me if I could send him a food ecomm, I did that already. I hope that made him happy. Just sucks I cant do more... *sigh*😔😢 Im happy I got some kind of letter...Well even if it wasnt the longest or lovey dovey one. I want him to be able to share if he is frustrated or angry. Thumbs up. Life isnt a rainbow and sunshine... Im here for him , Always will be. ❤️😘💕🤗

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