Monday, September 27, 2021

Mondays Blue


My diet is going "okay" i can do better wich I will this week. Just feeling a bit bummed today. I just miss my guy alot. I still havent got any letter from him... I dont know if I even should expect anything...Should i just forget about him?? Everything is just so strange and big I dont know whats going on... I try not to think about him but he comes in my dreams at times. SIIGHH.

I suspect my cat Mirabelle is preggo. Im not sure. I hope she is, Would be so cosy if she got another litter. I guess we will see. I havent given her the pill in weeks. Time will tell. 

I had a job interview last week and another one other week. I havent got any update yet. I hope I get any of them. I just need a job thats all. My debts are killing my soul and my income...

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