Monday, October 11, 2021

First day of spend zero week


Well my first day went pretty okay, I admit I still snacked on 1 snickers + icecream with whipped cream, Ughhh🙄. I did take photos of my Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner, I wish I could have squeesed in some exercise, My stupid foot is hurting.😩😩 I have flat feet, It sucks. Plus being overweight isnt the best either.  The soups are easy to make and i have to admit they do taste good to be only 1.20 cents.  And it last for whole day. EVEN BETTER!!!!🙃😄

Plus something happened at the grocery store. I got a unknown number calling me, I answered, It was the boss from the cleaning company. She had emailed me before I had some questions.  She thought it would be easier to talk , Im going to clean at a school tomorrow!!!! 4 hours I think it is or 3!! for 2 weeks. I But I will start at 6 AM. UGH! That will be tought for sure. I gotta get up at 4.45 or earler... But I guess its better than nothing🤷‍♀️ since I got no shifts at the sourpuss girl. They txt me on Friday at 9.30 pm (rude),🤦‍♀️🙄 begging me to work on Saturday. I told a lie. I said I wasnt in town, I wont work for someone who just think Im down at the bottom of the chain. Pffff..... I can tell she dont like me either... Sorry got a little much but I just needed to tell you all. 😴 Time to try to sleep. Just anxious for tomorrow 😳





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