Tuesday, October 12, 2021

My first Work day

I had to get up at 4.30! I didnt sleep very good but somehow I got up. The work day went well, I signed the contract for the job. I think its a 6 month trial job? not the 2 weeks if im reading it right?? SAY WHAT? Did I just land myself a part time job??? I might.... I might. 🤔😯😲😳

I wasny´t too tired when I got home, My feet did hurt but thats how it is. I will clean a High School. 'Ages 16-19 . The school is all new, built in 2020. Its a private school, its all fancy.  I have not spent anything on food yet, 😎🤐🙃


My breakfast was this but only 1 

Lunch , My favourite frozen meal soo goood 

                                     Dinner , same as yesterday , its also good yum

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