Thursday, October 14, 2021

Very tired and sore feet


Well Im sorry I didnt blog about my food or took pics...I been so tired , well my feet is tired and hurting 😣😩I had to work til 3 pm yesterday because the school had an open house...Phew. And today my mom and I went to my bros grave and put his gravestone , My mom made his gravestone cool huh?? 🥺I will take a pic of it in a couple of days. My 150 budget is going...well the thing is i had to buy bustickets to get to work. I dont know, does it count??🤔 I have to get to work. I only bought a frozen dinner , It was money from soda cans. I done good. Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!! YESS I dont have to go double with the other woman, I really like working alone..yepp😏

By the way I got my big pack of nails + some Halloween themed nails!! YAY! I will remove them for tomnorrow. I cant have them cleaning LOL But arent they BEAUTIFUL😍😍💖💖🥰🥰 

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