Sunday, November 21, 2021

Spend less or spend more???


Next week im gonna try to only spend 150 sek wich is 15$ . I will see if I can do that.  It kinda sucks I wont get any extra til my payday before CHRISTMAS. Yepp I only got enough when I get paid for my bills . not for anything extra thats for my savings...It hurts taking from them...☹️I worked so hard to get them. I have already spent more than half what I had , OUCH. It was for my trip , well now witch covid anyways Who knows when that will happen. I like saving. I do like spening too... EHHH.  🤐

My guys Birthday is coming up on the 26th November. I think I will order him a food ecommm again. What else can I get him??? He hasnt reached out to me YET.😑 Im invisible and forgotten by everyone , litterly everyone... How does it make me feel? I dont fuckin know.... I do now I miss him ALOT.🙁🥺☹️ Hope he is OK and that he is not ghosting me... I cant help it to miss him....  I dreamed about him 3 times this week!!!! 😵one dream was so real... He had found someone else in the end😢😱😭  , was a good dream turning to a nightmare!!!!

Anyways all these stupid Black friday shit is irritating me. Its not even a swedish thing from the beginning. its for spend spend spend....  Commercials on tv, email sale black friday blah blah blah... 🙄😒Like the world dont have enough of everything??? How about trying to use the stuff you got??? Or buy from thrift stores?? Ive heard atleast over here in Sweden, the stored secretely raises the prices and then put it on sale. So they will make a profit?? Can you believe it??? HAH I wont buy anything big on sale, except for some candles I saw... They only cost 36 sek each.  about 3 $.  Candles can never go wrong.... I buy alot from thrift stores but SOMETIMES I buy new.  I do order from wish sometimes. I have cut back on it since I did go a bit over board when I had a fulltime job. Yikes.  Im gonna try to be more FRUGAL. 👍👌

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