Saturday, November 13, 2021

When your boss doesn't appreciate you

 Me, and 2 other guys + the "boss" had to clean the school for opening house. Anyways I accidently misunderstood,I thought we had to clean ALL toilets. Apparently we were gonna clean on 1,2,3 floor. The boss who is a so bitchy and had an attitude towards me.😮.Im here on a saturday, volonterly cleaning the fuckin school!!!😡😠🤬😤! Can you be nice atleast??? Its not my fault their contract is hanging on a thread. I only been here a month!!! I got so pissed. I didnt say anything ugly towards her but in my head I was cussing her out every word in the book. I know she was stressed and probably didnt want to spend her saturday waking up at 6am. But hey can atleast come with a good mood??? NOPE a pissy mood. Not even a sorry Im a bit stressed.... Nope nothing.🧐

Pfff 🙄😒There is another open house after school on Wednesday. I really dont want to be there and clean again. I dont know what to do... I gotta think about it. 

Right now I'm going to enjoy my Saturday evening with a good movie and snacks 🥰😋🎥🤩

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