Monday, March 14, 2022

Complaints , complaints always

lol I remember this episode. 

 Im pretty irritated and frustrated with my bosses. Seems there is always something "wrong" Its not even my own boss telling me this. I woke up to this txt message saying , Me and her have been to the school and fileld upp the paper towels and soap on every floor because it was missing and we cleaned the room we have our stuff in...They cleaned them and fixed them so theyre ready to be used?? What?? You touched my cleaner wagon?! I hope they didnt throw out anything thats mine...But I will see..  

I called her and I asked abit more specific , Apparently we have to fill it to the top. I will get an extra 30 mins to put papertowels and soap on every floor , theres small rooms that arent used as much. I guess thats cool. I wish I was noticed that a bit earlier...But I will try to make that command. Just UGH. Irritation that is . What I heard they had complained on floor 1. Wich is my collegues floor. You shouldnt blame me that much. There was 2 soap refills that was all gone. NOT every toilet then like they said. Same with paper towels. Sounded ALOT worse on txt message... 

What a nice Friday to wake up to a "nice" txt. 

This one was from 11th March sorry I forgot to post it LMAO

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