Sunday, March 6, 2022

Hello March!!

I can tell spring is upon us in Sweden. Even My cat Lilly is outside more and she is so sensitive to cold. So if she is outside alot. Then the weather is a bit warmer FOR SURE. 🌱⛅
Im still struggling losing the weight. ☹️New week tomorrow I still got 3 monhts til summer. Lets GO!!! 😬💪I wont give up. Food addiction and binge eating disorder is fuckin hard. One day at a time.⌚
 First I will stop snacking at night before bed time. Im gonna try to eat dinner . Im very bad at eating good dinner. Exercising atleast 1-2 times +´more  Thats what Im gonna start with next week!!!! 

Im so happy I have only 563 sek (56 dollars) left on my loan🎉🎊. Been adding large sums of cash to speed it up. Then I have 4 more to go. I got 2 I will focus on. Feels Amazing. The loans have been a big burden on me and my economy.  Well I guess when my financial is going better I gotta focus on my health and my weight too. Or else , I cant give up on that..🌻🌹🌷




Yesterdays Walk 


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