Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Frustrated so I stayed in

The school is closed , except for some teachers being there. The floors is going to get done by the guys , Theres no need for me to be there, On Monday we had some deep cleaning just to make the school look good for next week. I was with another guy yesterday ,we drive from place to place, Cleaned restrooms, officeas.... So I got a text saying yesterday  from the teamleader Can you work til 3 pm today? I said I can work til 1 pm. I asked about Thursday? She said I booked you til 3PM , You will work with someone in a kitchen. You can be off on Thursday but you wont get paid. I answered: To clean? I can be off on Thursday. I said my nieces will come then. 
Then I was like waiit a minute. 😐I didnt approve to work for 8 whole hours? I am only obligated to work my 5 hours thats it...She cant just force me... I was just so freakin pissed.🤬😠😡 I sent a sick txt yesterday. I said I injured my foot and so. I never got any reply or call today , That she read it...I think she got pissed at me or annoyed. Whatever. It will be okay in a few days. It will be forgotten (hopefully) I just cant do it. I get anxiety when I dont know who im with and what im supposed to do. Its just scary...😱🙁

I was scared to go into an argument about the hours because. I havent been employed for too long, 6 months...I think I will stay now? My trial has ended??? So I guess Im fully employed part time????

Tomorrow Is a new day, And I will try to relax I will blog more tomorrow.🙏🙏😏

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