Saturday, April 2, 2022

Got the flu


I started to feel sick, like sore throat and so on Thursday 🤧I got a call my work needed help with someone on the other high school i been...Called me up at 5 am!!😳 I went to bed at midnight.... What a day!! Saturday still sick...I got my place still to clean🙄. I will do it tomorrow. I just couldnt go back after working in the morning then hop on the bus back and work. I can do it tomorrow even if Im sick. Gotta do it. 

Maybe I will feel better on Monday, IF NOT. Im calling in sick.... 

Got me some cough drops 🍬and bubbly water🥤 , my pepsi, Good for the throat. and soft toilet🧻 paper to blow my nose is a must!!!👌👍

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