Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Good week (sofar) good cake


I found a cake on sale. Blue berry cake!!!🍰 I just had to buy it. Guess what?? It tasted DELICIOUS!!! 😋😍 its going on my top 5 cakes. 

My diet is going so and so. I gotta step up a bit so I dont fall back or just stay in the same weight. 😌🤔🤐

Tomorrow is Pay Day. YAYY! Cant wait for it . Except for paying bills part.  By the way I have dyed some highlights in my hair. I bleached it. Its yellowish right now. I'm gonna try to dye it more to the ashblond. That is tomorrow or the day after. It looks good but its yellow lmao. Thats how it is . I do have alot of dark in my hair and blue. 

Im off work Thursday. Its a holiday over here in Sweden. That will be so nice plus the school is closed Friday too. I gotta work. I was gonna go home earlier but I got a txt saying we start 07.00 and we. are gonna do floor maintenance. lmao the co worker thought he could go home after an hour. Guess not😂😂😂 at least we are off around 12.00. 👍👌

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