Friday, June 3, 2022



June , Month June is here , Wow May went by fast. Or was it just me thinking that?? Anyways this week has been tough. I got extra hours again, my coworkers area...

 Im just starting to get very irritated at my other coworker , He just complains about the work EVERY DAY. It sneaks up in his conversations... I just cant deal with it. Its getting OLD.🙄😤 I try to brush it off but its hard not to get affected. I try to be positive about it. I got a job. Its not perfect , not any job is perfect always. ,Its hard and it tough yes. If he doesnt like it so LEAVE and find something you enjoy doing. Whatever it is...😒

PHEW....Bless him and hope he turns around on his negativity LOL For real. 😡 I can't deal with it... 👎 He did that today aswell.

Guess who's Birthday is in June. MINE , Another (ugh) Birthday 🥴😵😶😏

Mirabelle is getting bigger , Her belly is getting round and so cute!!! I call her chunky .🥰😍😘My little chunky. 

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