Saturday, June 25, 2022

Happy Birthday to me on june 24th

 I turned 35 yesterday...yes 35... 😱🥳🥴😜 It wasnt a good day to begin with. I was just so disconnected.  I forgt my money. I lost my wallet on the 23rd . Someone found it.  I had to  cancel the card. Anyways after I forgot the money. I forgot the key to my bike lock. Had to go home ONCE again.🙄😑 Oh boy. Its warm yesterday. 🌞

27 C outside. maybe even more.  I did buy 2 pizzas and a cake for my Birthday.😋😋 YUM it was good. I still have some pizza left. The cake is all eaten up though lol. 😆🤣😅

The funny thing is my sisters called around 9 pm to say Happy Birthday. I think they forgot??? Just a weird timing.🤔🤨 Last minute thing. Whatever... LOL You look like fools. 😏🙄My brother never said Happy Birthday even... They are weird. Last year I got a gift and they invited me in for food. Its like .... Make NO SENSE. 🤷‍♀️🧐

Today is gonna be a better day FOR SURE🌻🥰😍🥳🌼

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