Tuesday, June 28, 2022

My Summer Vacation started

My 1 week started yesterday.  It's been      30 celcius over here since a few days. Phew!!!.🥵 My mom fell Sunday evening.😮 Her cat attacked my cat Luna. My mom tried to stop it so she fell down on her knee. It got swollen. It's alot better today but she really don't want to go to the doctor. First of all because she can't walk. She's on crutches. The heat is a bit too much.🙄
It might go down. We will see what she does. She's very stubborn and cheapskate lol. 😅😂

I been her caretaker. Cooked food. Helped dishes and all. I haven't had the energy to do anything else. I almost got a heatstroke on Sunday. 
 We went bicycling and took along way home. It was hot that day. I was so warm 🥵 We had a really nice picnic. 🌞🌻🌺🥰

The kittens are growing. They have opened their eyes and are moving around alot. Soo cute. 

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