Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Got sick couple of days ago

I just started to feel something in my throat on Sunday. Then Monday I went to work . I felt horrible. My head was pounding, I felt nausea , tired🤢🥵🥶... I went home, I txt my clean manager . She got mad at me actually for txting , Said it count as illicit abcent,  That we have to call in not txt. I apologised. Didnt get a txt back after that. I had to go back to school  because the key was still there. The only key they have? They only have 1  spare key?? WHAT??😳😒 Im sick had to go back to show these 2 guys around they would fill in for me or they were supposed to come anyways?? I dont know, but I got home after that. Spent time in bed most of the day. Just toilet breaks. Same with yesterday. I did get my apetite back though.🙄

Today , I still feel sick. Runny nose, Cough. I think my fever have come down though...  I think I will be home all week. Just to be safe. I dont know if its covid or not.😒😏 I havent gotten tested, Not sure if they do that. I know theres home tests out there.  I have ordered one. 👀🤔

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