Saturday, August 6, 2022

Hello August!!

Its already August? Apparenty so , This week I have been so busy. I was left ALL ALONE to clean my 3 floors ,😱😮😳 like deep cleaning before they (students ) come back from their summer break... Oh boy it was overwhelming as heck! somehow I managed funny though, The company got complaints about cleaning some did the previous week. LMAO. This time it wasnt my fault. We have to do it all over again next week... Start 6 AM , to 3 Pm... NOOO!!!! 😤😩Why should I be punished for something they did. I wasnt even there?? I did good , ( atleast in my opinion,) 

The kittens have just gotten cuter. 🥰😍They run and play, play and run.  Ah  the cat life.  Also earlier this Summer me and my mom planted some old sunflower seeds. infront of our window. One have really grown tall and big. I took a pic of it today, Sadly some petals fell down though. The stem is a bit bent. Still beautiful .❤️💖


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