Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Hello September


Its new month : September! I have been transferred now to a new work location. Another High School but less toilets , WOHOO!!🥳 Im working with another person a girl. Shes cool, a bit goofy just like me. We get along good. This will be my 5th day. So far im digging it. A bit tired but im liking it. 👀👍🙂

I also got a letter last week on Thursday. Its one of those Express my love kind of letter. I do LOVE them. 😘😍🥰I love all letters but I love being adored and loved. WHo doesnt?? Im actually in the process of taking some new photos for him and sending photos of the kittens. I have to get it done this week. 👀

I also managed to lose 6 pounds!!!🥳🎊🎉 I dont remember if I mentioned it before. I dont think I did. Im still continuing to lose weight and trying to eat right. Life long battle for sure. It took time to put on weight , so it will be even harder to lose it. One day at at time. I try really hard not to eat binge at evenings before bed time. I had worked out. I still get the cravings though....🙁🎊

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