Saturday, October 8, 2022

Sending e messages to prison?


YUP.  Last week I got a dm from his cousin and now Jpay dont work anymore to send email. Its now e messages on Securus. It said I could transfer my account, but I doubt it would work. Im all over here in Sweden. I tried I only got error message. I remember I had an old account from when we had the phone. He could call me. I tried with that. WOW!!! it worked!!!!, 😮🥰I was really suprised. I was so sure it wouldnt. I dont have so much luck. So far I have been in touch with him on Emessages. Its so much easier than letters . (I do ❤️ letters too)  takes sometimes days but I think it supposed to go faster. I dont know how it really works??

He was happy to recieve message from me but then it was a bit frustrating I waited days for a reply. He did too after I got his. He is frustrated about money. Apparently prices have gone up in prison too! Seems all over the place, well in Europe atleast🙄🙄. I might send him some extra food money. He seemed like he needs it more than I do?? 🤔😊

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