Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Family? What family?

I just feel so forgotten , ignored, like I dont matter much, Left out???😔  by my older sister . Im the one who always contact her first. I asked her to hang out 2 weeks ago. She suggested; why dont we ask our little sis to tag along . She did. I do love my little sis but I wanted to see my other sister by myself. My little sis is a big character. Ive noticed My sister is totally favorising her over me. I just can tell. It was my little sis Birthday yesterday. She had a dinner at my sisters , I was like why wasnt I invited??  🤔😒

Do I have to beg to be noticed or be invited? Seems my sister is invited to everything , Im just left out. 🤨😑🙄

They did ask to go to stockholm october 1st. No cat café but some kind of food place instead. At this point I just dont want to, I dont feel like it. PLUS my Birthday was months ago!!! jUNE 24TH    Its gone 3 months . Gosh Does it take that long to be able to find a time to do something , 🙄😡She seeems to make time for my other sister... They keep in touch and see each other. 

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