Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Almost Christmas

Christmas is coming up. Gosh already?
I will actually be off on Christmas vacation for 2 weeks starting on Friday already. Wooohooo!! 
I have put up the tree,🎄Its really old. From 2013. I remember Lilly climbing up with her siblings. Lol. The kittens have already climbed. Savannah and Rosalie. And ornaments have fallen down. 😂😂 Cats!!
Been really tired this week... 😴😣😩 But only 2 days left. 

I spayed Mirabelle about a week ago. So no more kittens. She is doing well. The wound is healing good. She just can't wait to get outside. I understand that. 🙁 Tomorrow I will letting her out. 😃

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