Thursday, June 29, 2023

it's HOT outside

Well it's been really got the last 3 weeks actually to be Sweden. Phew! I do love the sun. It hasn't rained at all. Actually it did come some today. Thank the Lord for the rain🌧️☔🙏 the plants, trees, flowers and animals were really suffering. Of course people too. I work cleaning stairs, moving up n down in this heat... I'm sweating like a pig. 😩😩😩 Lol. But I will survive. Thankfully my apartment is really cool. It's perfect in the summer. 😎👌

I just had alot of anxiety and worrying this week. I know it's because I'm ovulating. Yeeeah. I get crazy even then not just before period. Ugh 😔😭😭Ima mess at times. 

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