Thursday, July 6, 2023

Hello July

So its July.  My nieces were and visit on Monday this week. The youngest is a sweetheart. But... The 9 year old. She really a spitfire. She like to me "you got too many cats" lmaao excuse me?🤨🤨 And she complained about cat hair, and my shelf in my room has some stuff on it. She said you got too much stuff.
I'm like get out!!  No I didn't say that. I just shook my head 😑🤨😤 I know she is a child but still got to me. She have no filter? 
Really tired today. It was alot in the stairs in the building. It have been raining. Now time to head home and eat and just relax, 
😋☺️🥰❤️ Home to my furbabies. 

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