Sunday, August 20, 2023

Day 7 Emotional drained 😵

Ugh i kinda made 2 drinks yesterday. I rarely drink. I got a bit tipsy. But today i feel UGH🫤😵 i also smoked a cigarette.. so my throat is a bit more and so. I was so pissed . I threw a paper on him well his pic  and i pretended to punch him too. 😂🙄 I also wrote a nasty ugly raw letter to him  .  Calling him every word o could think of 🤬🤬🤬🤬  I then made a ceremony. A burn ceremony. I burned it . Yup!! Damn that felt goooooodd!!!! 
Its good to let it all out. Just go for it!! 

I take it so hard. I am a HSP person. I take it so hard 🙄😭😐😒🫤😫😵 instead of sadness and tears im more.. angry with him. So mtf angry. 
Like i wanna punch him like this :
And like this :
Everyone reacts different on break ups. None is wrong. 💯💯
Im thinking i shouldnt rush into message him . He can wait. He doesnt need me as he did. 😔😒
Problem is am I that strong? To be able to do that.

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