Monday, October 16, 2023

Nightmare of my little brother😭

Well this must be one of the horrible nightmare i had!!  To make it short.. i dreamed about my family in different situations. The one that i cant stop think about is this scenario: It was my brother and me, i was trying to talk to him, he kept walking away! He was really really sad, he kept saying I will kill myself, i will kill myself . I said : no , please dont!? You can get help. Please dont do it. I chased him from stairs case to a train platform,  he laid down on the rail !! I was like trying to get him off of there !! I managed to get him i in the train. I guess we were going somewhat?  My older brother was there sitting a little further away. I was sitting by him. My older brother said: let him do it then ... I looked at him like he was crazy !! My younger bron said im gonna go and hang myself crying . I said : noo, noo you can get help . You can get antidepressants or pills to help you . He kept crying and telling me he wanted to commit suicide 😭😭😭😭.  

Just terrible terrible dream. I dont know if thats what he thought before he actually did it that day. 
Aw my heart 💔 for him . I guess im still feeling guilty i didnt do more. ☹️☹️

Please bro forgive me. Maybe it wouldnt matter but still weighing in my heart . 

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