Friday, January 26, 2024

Ending this chapter

I just been thinking alot what to do with him . My Him. Im just done with him. He thinks everything is just normal. Idk if he wants to move on or if he met someone new?? He asked for what areacode  you call to call outside u.s . So thats a bit. Im supposed to help you... No!!  You dumped me. You said you want me to move on. I will. All you do is make me feel bad. With your moods and you asking for money. Im not gonna help out anymore. I dont have to. Im no family.  Maybe your new love interest can.  Or penpals. I work hard to earn my money. Its mine. Im done being taken advantage of. Being manipulated by you
 ☹️😭 i dont regret why we had but it is what it is.
Your a snake. 🐍 I never stopped living you. You might . You broke my 💔... It will take time to heal.

Im gonna close this chapter and start a new one. 😺🥰♥️ My heart will be okay ♥️♥️♥️

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