Monday, February 26, 2024

Regular schedule, Binge weekend

This week in wont be in patrol.. i have no idea what the term is in English. They send you wherever you are needed basically. Its just so terrible. For me. 😵😭😭 My head gets all so tired. Im so happy that this week is my regular schedule and i know where im going to be at. 👍😻🥳. 
This weekend just been so lonely and i have binged alot . Too much. No wonder i cant lose weight huh? Its about 3 months til June. Panic!!!
Will i be in this chubby suit another summer ? 😞☹️. 

Im gonna try not to! Do my freaking best! Heck even starve if so.. i dont want to be in this weight anymore 🫤🫥😶‍🌫️
My pen pal wrote on Friday he was worried about me. He called . The stupid app was acting up again. He clearly hasnt gotten my message. I havent heard from him all weekend ... 😭😭😭
I sent him 3 messages and 1 pic. I hope he knows its not me ignoring him. I just wonder why he didnt call at all ? Oh well.... 🫤☹️😞

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