Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Sucky Ass Week !!

The school is closed its a week off for the students. They dont need cleaning ... 
Monday : i was sent to a arena after the daycare was cleaned . Some woman came and showed me around with a staff member . Toilets area. Vip lounge and toilets here and there . First time ever been there. So confusing. She left me there alone. I tried to do it as good as possible. I even stayed til 12.30. I thought i did the toilets that was prio. I didnt make them all. No time!

Tuesday Today! Im with another guy. Been with him before. He is cool. She calls again saying i have to come over and do some toilets that i didnt do. I was like okay im all over here ... My co worker said no callon of our boss. You dont have to listen to her. I did. So apparently im not supposed to go there and do those toilets... Stay with him finish it up. Fuck this week is just too much for my head !!!😣🫨😵‍💫😵😫 

Im so cant wait for my regular schedule. Even if that daycare suck to. Atleast i know where i am going !!! 

I Can do this !!!! Shit !!  God give me Strength 🙏

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