Thursday, April 9, 2015

Stomach is weird today

Yesterday I didnt eat alot but when I did eat around 7 Pm I ate some egg and then a sandwich. My stomach got upset a few hours after that. It was like I felt nauseus but still I was hungry. Really uncomfortable feeling. Never had that before. I didnt fell asleep til 3:30 am I think. Its the same today. I think maybe the egg or the turkey I had on my sandwich made my stomach that way But I cant know for sure ...Food poisning? I wont eat the egg or the turkey. Maybe the cat want it. The eggs eggs have to be thrown away ...Too bad they were cheaper when i bought them.But I dont want to get sick again.

And today the tv company shut off the tv channels. To be able to watch I have to buy a tv modem. Idk when that will happen. Feels a little strange but I guess its adaptable.I got my laptop to watch Tv on or Movies.

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