Friday, July 16, 2021

Im so over this day

So much exhausting happened today....First the anoying friend called me 3 times, txt me once, its important, answer...She was gonna ask if I could be her reference for a job..I said yes...Then I had some trouble with my job I tried to call in sick for my shifts. They OFCOURSE demand sick note after the 24th...Aw well I guess I have to freakin get it...As long as I dont have to go back there.... 🙄😒😆

Just had alot of anxiey and was really sad today because of my loans I have. Just have felt so hopeless. I still havent heard anything from my guy. Maybe he doesnt want to write anymore? I dont know...maybe its just me?? or maybe he hasnt felt good... Just praying he is in good health I guess. I just miss him alot.🙁😭😥 


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