Monday, July 19, 2021

I won't lie for you

The annoying friend called me 3 times on Friday in a row, then a txt  "answer my calls, its very important" she wanted to ask me if I could be her reference for a job she had been on a interview at. I sais yes BUT THEN she started to say oh you have to say the care giver company is this one, wich was a completely false one, and that you still work there. Then she continued her partners sister told wrong and thats how I Should continue the lie, and that she said the sister is a coordinator I Was like whaat? Talk about lie after lie. After a long thought Saturday she called one time too I dont remember if she said some of the things i mentioned then but whatever , Sunday I msgd her on Fb and said Im not comfortable in your web of lies. If they call up the the company and find out im not or the sister arent working there, We all are in trouble.

She r really got upset and even told me I never told you to lie. The sister said wrong , she cant speak good swedish. I said why don you clear that out that it was a misunderstanding, she said its just weird if she calls up the interviewer again and tell that. I told her I can be your reference but I wont lie. Couple of hours after that, She had msgd me again telling me she said if an unknown caller calls dont pick up. I will find someone else as amy referense... I was like okay thanks for letting me know.

She was really desperate for this job, claiming its her "dream job" but then why start with a lie??  She said I would be your referense if you needed too, YEAAH I would so ask you, NOT!!!  I reealllyy hope she will stay away from me from now on...


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