Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Little Preston has been adopted

 I put up an ad on Sunday. There was very little response. I did get 1...A man , he said he had a cat who was in catheaven. He had cats before. Living outside of this town in a house, on the country. I was like that sounds PERFECT! 😃

He wanted to come and take a look at the kitten. So he did yesterday. He said the cat he owned before who passed, looked similar to him. He was visiting for about half n hour or 1 hour. He said he would go and discuss with his wife. Just an hour later he said Im coming to get him in an hour!! I was like GREAT!!!😁😃😄

Thats it. Now Preston isnt Preston its BengA , The other cat was mixed with Bengal. Pretty uniqe name . I got an update this morning , I did wonder how it went. It went great. He is getting settled in.🥰🥰🥰

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